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The CertiToolKit GDPR Toolkit can help your organization quickly and effectively fulfill the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Our quality template documents and checklists come complete with 12 months of updates and support, helping you to update your GDPR compliance policies and procedures quickly. We’ve added more policies, privacy notices, templates of agreement, posters of awareness and examples to accelerate your journey.

Just click “Add to cart” and start today’s process. The toolkit will be available for download immediately after you have completed your payment. Please make sure that you use a valid email address as we will use it to provide updates to your product.

Comply with EU GDPR yourself, and do it easily and efficiently with our GDPR Documentation Toolkit.


Our GDPR toolkit is written by a CISSP-qualified security and data protection specialist who also holds Certified Information Privacy Professional – Europe (CIPP/E) accreditation, which is internationally recognized. The GDPR toolkit includes all policies, processes, procedures, tools and other documentation that you need to keep your personal data safe and comply with the regulatory requirements.

What’s my GDPR toolkit included?

Your toolkit will contain:
 50 + Policy, processes, plans, procedures, posters, tools, presentations, etc.
 Expert review of 3 completed documents of your choice
A year – long email support as much as you need
A registration for our regular update service for 12 months
The complete list of documents is shown below – the toolkit includes all these fit-for-purpose documents. To view full samples of selected documents, click on the individual links. The complete set of documents can be downloaded immediately after purchase.
The templates are available in Microsoft Office format, ready to be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.
Our GDPR toolkit has benefited from ongoing input from customers around the world who used it to help their organizations become (and remain) GDPR compliant.
In addition to standard format and content, templates include example text that is clearly highlighted to illustrate the type of information you need to provide about your organization. Also included are full example documents to help you with your implementation.

00. GDPR Toolkit Guidance

GDPR Implementation Guide 30 pages

Standard Licence Terms (6 pages)

GDPR Toolkit Completion Instructions (5 pages)

GDPR Toolkit Release Notes (1 tab)

EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (90 pages)

01. GDPR Preparation Project

GDPR Compliance Project Initiation Document (20 pages)

GDPR Preparation Project Plan (Microsoft Project format) (1 plan)

GDPR Preparation Project Plan (Microsoft Excel format) (2 tabs)

GDPR Documentation Log (2 tabs)

GDPR Briefing Presentation (15 slides)

Executive Support Letter (4 pages)

Compliance Evidence (2 tabs)

Meeting Minutes (1 page)

GDPR Gap Assessment Tool (6 tabs)

02. GDPR Roles, Awareness and Training

GDPR Roles and Responsibilities (15 pages)

GDPR Competence Development Procedure (16 pages)

GDPR Communication Programme (13 pages)

Information Security Awareness Training (27 slides)

GDPR Awareness Training Presentation (17 slides)

GDPR Competence Development Questionnaire (3 tabs)

EXAMPLE GDPR Competence Development Questionnaire (3 tabs)

GDPR Awareness Poster (for data subjects) (1 poster)

GDPR Awareness Poster (for employees) (1 poster)

03. Personal Data Analysis

Personal Data Analysis Procedure (10 pages)

Legitimate Interest Assessment Procedure (12 pages)

Records of Processing Activities (3 tabs)

Personal Data Analysis Form (4 tabs)

Personal Data Analysis Diagram – VISIO (2 pages)

Personal Data – Initial Questionnaire (2 pages)

Legitimate Interest Assessment Form (5 pages)

EXAMPLE Personal Data Analysis Diagram – VISIO (3 pages)

EXAMPLE Personal Data Analysis Form (4 tabs)

04. Privacy Policy and Notices

Records Retention and Protection Policy (12 pages)

Data Protection Policy (14 pages)

Privacy Notice Procedure (12 pages)

Website Privacy Policy (9 pages)

CCTV Policy (11 pages)

Privacy Notice Planning Form – Data Subject (3 pages)

Consent Request Form (2 pages)

Privacy Notice Planning Form – Other Source (3 pages)

EXAMPLE Consent Request Form (2 pages)

EXAMPLE Privacy Notice – CCTV (2 pages)

EXAMPLE Privacy Notice – Employment (4 pages)

EXAMPLE Privacy Notice – Newsletter Signup (2 pages)

EXAMPLE Privacy Notice – Online Purchase (2 pages)

EXAMPLE Privacy Notice – Website Enquiry (2 pages)

EXAMPLE Website Privacy Policy (6 pages)

05. Rights of the Data Subject

Data Subject Request Procedure (16 pages)

Data Subject Request Register (3 tabs)

Data Subject Request Form (2 pages)

06. Controllers and Processors

GDPR Controller-Processor Agreement Policy (11 pages)

Processor GDPR Assessment Procedure (10 pages)

Processor Security Controls (13 pages)

GDPR Readiness Statement (5 pages)

GDPR Letter to Processors (5 pages)

GDPR Contract Review Tool (3 tabs)

Supplier GDPR Assessment (2 pages)

Processor Employee Confidentiality Agreement (10 pages)

GDPR Readiness Checklist (6 pages)

Data Processing Agreement (12 pages)

Sub-Processor Agreement (12 pages)

07. Data Protection Impact Assessment

Data Protection Impact Assessment Process (21 pages)

Data Protection Impact Assessment Report (14 pages)

Data Protection Impact Assessment Tool (6 tabs)

Data Protection Impact Assessment Questionnaire (4 pages)

EXAMPLE Data Protection Impact Assessment (6 tabs)

08. International Transfers

Procedure for International Transfers of Personal Data (12 pages)

09. Personal Data Breach Management

Information Security Incident Response Procedure (25 pages)

Personal Data Breach Notification Procedure (13 pages)

Personal Data Breach Register (2 tabs)

Personal Data Breach Notification Form (4 pages)

Breach Notification Letter to Data Subjects (4 pages)

EXAMPLE Personal Data Breach Notification Form (4 pages)

10. Information Security Policies

Information Security Policy (13 pages)

Mobile Device Policy (12 pages)

Access Control Policy (15 pages)

Cryptographic Policy (12 pages)

Physical Security Policy (11 pages)

Anti-Malware Policy (13 pages)

Network Security Policy (15 pages)

Electronic Messaging Policy (12 pages)

Cloud Computing Policy (10 pages)

Acceptable Use Policy (10 pages)

5 reviews for GDPR TOOLKIT

  1. Williams

    The toolkit was perfect in delivering the right process to our business, preventing the delivery of the same toolkit by thousands of consultants. It also played a major role in accelerating our GDPR compliance.

  2. Yolando

    Complete set of GDPR docs, removes boring work loads, good structure, easy access buy – in.

  3. Wilber

    The toolkit was user – friendly and came with all the instructions needed to comply with GDPR law with confidence.

  4. Raymon

    It was like holding your hand through the confusing and frustrating process of complying with GDPR, making it much more bearable.

  5. John

    The best GDPR toolkit. Easy to use, fast to implement and reflect our organization requirements.

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